Using Keepass under ChromeOS with Android app KeePassDroid (read/write)


On my Windows machine and Ubuntu laptop I use KeePass and KeePassX for working with my KeePass (.kdbx). I keep the database in the cloud for convenience. When I got my Chromebook I first started using a Chrome browser extension called CKP – KeePass integration for Chrome. It is very convenient in the way that it always sits in you Chrome toolbar and suggests you which entry you are looking for depending on the tab you have currently open (it does a pretty good job) and then offers to autofill in the credentials. This is all fine, but it lack the abilty to add an entry to the database. Again, there is a solution in the Android Play store for this, if you own a ChromeOS device that can run Android apps.


If you have an Android capable chrome device – mine is an Acer Chromebook R11, but all 2017 chrome devices are Android capable – open the Google Play Store and install KeePassDroid. If you have your kdbx file in the cloud you will need to install the app for this respective service as well. So for Google Drive for instance install the Google Drive Android app. Now, if you want to be able to write to the kdbx file it is important (see this bug report for details) that you open the kdbx file via the Android Google Drive app, it will ask you to open it with KeePassDroid, confirm and type you password.

That’s all, you are ready to go.

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Usenet on ChromeOS with Nzb Leech android app

I recently got a Chromebook and am loving it so far. I found cloud alternatives for almost every classic desktop application I (regulary) use on Windows or Ubuntu. Then there was SABnzbd, which I couldn’t find an alternative at first. Coming from a Linux background, of course I thought about using a Crouton chroot exclusivley for SABnzbd. However, that’s a lot of effort just for one application. Now, there is a more elgant way.

If you have a Chromebook that supports Android apps (all 2017 Chromebooks will) you are in luck, because there is a “native” solution to the problem. It is called Nzb Leech and it is an andoid app that allows you to download from usenet.

screenshot-2017-01-25-at-10-26-20_editedNzb Leech can be found in the Google Play Store. It’s full name is “Nzb Leech – usenet downloader” (there is an older version 1.0, you will want this the 2.x) and it is by developer Przemek Kowalczyk. The free version works as that it downloads the files. However, unpacking and all the other pro features are limited to a 7 day trail version. With a small donation from within the app you can unlock the pro features, which is what I did.

How to make it work

  1. Install Play Store on your chromebook. Not all Chromebooks can run Android apps. My Acer Chromebook R11 can and so will all Chromebooks that come out in 2017.
  2. Install “Nzb Leech – usenet downloader”
  3. Optionally donate via the donate button in the app (I donated when I ran into initial problems, may not be necessary until after the 7 day trial period)
  4. Check out the tutorial from within the app. The app looks rather unintuitive, but the tutorial includes all the necessary steps you need to take in order to start.


Files download but don’t unpack

Go to settings -> Nzb Leech Settings

Activate “Extract files automatically”

You may have to restart the app or even the download.

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Install Bioblender in Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit


Get your bioblender package from the projects website. Here I am using version 0.6.

Of course, install blender and read the readme file inside the zip package. If, upon starting you get the following errors: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Here is how to fix it. At least these two commands worked for me.

sudo apt-get install libjpeg62:i386
sudo apt-get install libsdl-gst:i386

Now, you should be able to start bioblender from within its folder

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Fairphone, Fix For Obligatory National Roaming

IMG_1542_01Do you own a fairphone and want to enable the data connection? However, in order to activate 3G data you have to activate data roaming too?

Some people, including myself, are having this problem. The problem was reported for the following providers:

  • Drei (AT)
  • Telering (AT)
  • Yess (AT)
  • EE/Orange/T-Mobile (UK)
  • Telfort/KPN (NL)
  • Comviq/Tele2 (SE)

This behaviour can be problematic when you live near a border or are travelling abroad. While there is an official workaround, this quick fix only treats the symptom, not the cause.

There is however a better solution on the fairphone support forums. It involves the Xposed framework and the national roaming module.

  1. Download and install the Xposed Installer APK from here
  2. Run the Xposed Installer, go to Framework and perform Install/Update
  3. Reboot the phone
  4. Download and install the Xposed national roaming module from here
  5. Open the Xposed app and activate the Xposed national roaming module
  6. Reboot the phone

Now, you should no longer need to activate data roaming to establish a data connection within you home network and the “R” in the connection status bar will disappear.

Thanks to user stan mousetaker for this fix!

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Ubuntu 13.10 on Thinkpad X200


Shortly after Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” was released I did a direct upgrade from 13.04. Here’s a short report on it for the interested.

Upgrade process

Apart from a smaller hiccup at the final restart – i had to force shutdown and startup the laptop – the upgrade went well and without problems.


Already at the login screen I could see the first improvement. Using a multimonitor setup, the login screen (lightdm) of 13.04 was not using the full resolution of my monitor. After the upgrade the login screen greets you like its supposed to.

What doesn’t works

  • Date and time in Unity panel don’t show, but the fix is simple:
    sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure --frontend noninteractive tzdata
    sudo killall unity-panel-service
  • Authentication request for online accounts demands password, entering the correct one doesn’t satisfy it. See bug report here.


In the last few days since release I did not experience any major bugs or regressions. Overall 13.10 runs smoother and more stable on  my Thinkpad X200 than 13.04.

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Zyxel NSA-220 Plus upgrade firmware V3.0

zyxel-gastarbeitenI have an Zyxel NSA-200 Plus NAS at home. Its age taken aside, a pretty solid piece of hardware. If you are wondering why your attempts of a firmware upgrade fail with the following message, here is the solution.

"Invalid firmware file."

From its original firmware version V3.00(AFG.0) you have to sequentially upgrade the next point release. Namely, this is V3.10(AFG.0) and V3.12 (thanks to pressworthly for this information) before you can upgrade freely. You can find all firmware versions for the NSA-220 Plus here. Bear in mind that the first two upgrades have to be done using a USB stick. I used the procedure described in this blog post (german).

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Nokia E6-00 notification light change keymat fix

E6-00I recently changed my phone from a Nokia E72 to E6-00. If you did the same, you will have noticed the lack of a notification light. More precisely, the lack of a transparent D-pad makes it impossible for the breathing notification light to be seen. This is known issue and has been acknowledged by Nokia as a hardware fault repairable under warranty. The fix is a new keymat with a transparent ring on the D-pad.

I however bought the handset second hand and don’t have warranty. Here’s a quick guide how to get your handset fixed anyway. Basically you have two options, either send in your handset and pay for the repair or just order the spare part and do it yourself. If you choose to let it be repaired you’ll find the necessary information in the Nokia Support section, look for ‘online repair’. By January 2013 Nokia Europe seems to have made massive changes to its partner network. All Nokia Care Points I usually visited have lost their license and there is only one company left as a Nokia partner. So if you choose the other way, first you need to find your nearest repair partner. It’s best to contact Nokia for that, as of today the Nokia homepage still lists non-existing care points.

Once you have found your nearest distributor for Nokia spare parts, explain them the problem and order the spare. They offered me to do the repair for 60€, but I refused and insisted on the spare part only. You might have to assure them that you know what you’re doing and that you do it on your own risk. Once I convinced them, they sent me the part withing two days for 17€.

Now, all you need is a size 4 Torx screwdriver, a filed off plectrum and a fine forceps. Check out the Nokia E6-00 service manual and follow it until step 18. In this state you can remove and change the keymat and reassemble the handset by reversing the steps. I reused all the parts and the whole process took me about 15min.

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