Vienna RNA Package & RNAz installation on Ubuntu 10.10

Who works in the bioinformatics field and is dealing with RNA is likely to  come across the Vienna RNA package and RNAz, they help prodict RNA secondary structure.

Here a quick guide how to get them to work on Ubuntu. This guide was tested on Ubuntu 10.10 but should work fine on other versions.

There is no precompiled DEB package available, however once the dependencies have been resolved compiling the packages is easy.

Installing the dependencies

The key package I needed for sucessful compiling is called med-bio. Install it via the following command in a terminal window or install the package via the Ubuntu Software Center.

sudo apt-get install med-bio

Once this is installed you can start compiling.

Getting the sources and compiling them

In order for RNAz to work you will need the Vienna RNA package. Get both sources from the links above and extract them.

Now, for each of the two extracted source code packages do the following commands one after the other and start with the Vienna RNA Package.

sudo make install

To test if RNAz installed well type the following command and you should get the installed version number as an output.

RNAz --version
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3 Responses to Vienna RNA Package & RNAz installation on Ubuntu 10.10

  1. robin says:

    hi there,
    I am trying to install ViennaRNA on ubuntu 12.04. I am having trouble with “make” where they prompt this error
    RNA.i:33: Error: Unable to locate file RNA.pod
    Do you have any experience on this? I have followed your step on installing med-bio at the start.


    • gastarbeiten says:

      Hi robin,

      my apologies for the late reply. In my experience, neither is the med-bio package needed anymore, nor did I get any error compiling the program as described.
      I’m on Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS.

      best regards!

  2. Ivani says:

    I got the same error RNA.i:33: Error: Unable to locate file RNA.pod while “sudo make”. I’m on Ubuntu 12.04.2

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