Compiz bug fix: scale plugin (aka. exposé) only shows current workspace

Ubuntu 12.04 suffers from a regression bug in Compiz, when activating the scale plugin with the key combination Super+W only the windows of the current workspace are shown. The released fix has been taken back because of troubles implementing the fix without breaking any shortcuts.

Here is a PPA containing the fix. Execute the following command consecutively.

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:timo-jyrinki/compiz-12.04-fix-933776
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install compiz

After a restart Super+W should bring up all windows from all workspaces.

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3 Responses to Compiz bug fix: scale plugin (aka. exposé) only shows current workspace

  1. Roshan says:

    But the dash help says that super+w spread the windows in the current windows.

    • gastarbeiten says:

      You are probably right, one likely has to enter CompizConfig Settings Manager and remap the Super+W combination or set a different one. However my newly mapped button combo shows up in Dash help and in CCSM it says “initiate windows picker for all windows”, so it’s still contradictory.

      • linanne says:

        This “compiz scaling with windows in all workspace” issue bothered me for a pretty long while and the fix worked great! However, after I ran a few updates in my system it stopped working (I might have updated compiz from other repositories, but I’m not sure…. I probably did though…). I’m wondering is there anyway to get the fix back? I’m quite hesitant to remove packages recklessly from my system since I’m in fear of a broken desktop environment. I’m running Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit, with gnome classic. Please let me know how could I get the fix back~ 🙂 Thank you so much~!!!


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