Nokia E6-00 notification light change keymat fix

E6-00I recently changed my phone from a Nokia E72 to E6-00. If you did the same, you will have noticed the lack of a notification light. More precisely, the lack of a transparent D-pad makes it impossible for the breathing notification light to be seen. This is known issue and has been acknowledged by Nokia as a hardware fault repairable under warranty. The fix is a new keymat with a transparent ring on the D-pad.

I however bought the handset second hand and don’t have warranty. Here’s a quick guide how to get your handset fixed anyway. Basically you have two options, either send in your handset and pay for the repair or just order the spare part and do it yourself. If you choose to let it be repaired you’ll find the necessary information in the Nokia Support section, look for ‘online repair’. By January 2013 Nokia Europe seems to have made massive changes to its partner network. All Nokia Care Points I usually visited have lost their license and there is only one company left as a Nokia partner. So if you choose the other way, first you need to find your nearest repair partner. It’s best to contact Nokia for that, as of today the Nokia homepage still lists non-existing care points.

Once you have found your nearest distributor for Nokia spare parts, explain them the problem and order the spare. They offered me to do the repair for 60€, but I refused and insisted on the spare part only. You might have to assure them that you know what you’re doing and that you do it on your own risk. Once I convinced them, they sent me the part withing two days for 17€.

Now, all you need is a size 4 Torx screwdriver, a filed off plectrum and a fine forceps. Check out the Nokia E6-00 service manual and follow it until step 18. In this state you can remove and change the keymat and reassemble the handset by reversing the steps. I reused all the parts and the whole process took me about 15min.

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2 Responses to Nokia E6-00 notification light change keymat fix

  1. andycakesmcgee says:

    Please let me know where you managed to get hold of a new D-pad button/keypad. I have tried and tried but can only find the ol original one without the white ring. Many thanks @N9Andy on Twitter

    • gastarbeiten says:

      Andy, where are you located? I got mine from
      As I see it there is no way of knowing they are the official new repair and service partner of Nokia Austria. I only found out by calling the local complaints hotline and refusing to send my phone in for repair.

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