Zyxel NSA-220 Plus upgrade firmware V3.0

zyxel-gastarbeitenI have an Zyxel NSA-200 Plus NAS at home. Its age taken aside, a pretty solid piece of hardware. If you are wondering why your attempts of a firmware upgrade fail with the following message, here is the solution.

"Invalid firmware file."

From its original firmware version V3.00(AFG.0) you have to sequentially upgrade the next point release. Namely, this is V3.10(AFG.0) and V3.12 (thanks to pressworthly for this information) before you can upgrade freely. You can find all firmware versions for the NSA-220 Plus here. Bear in mind that the first two upgrades have to be done using a USB stick. I used the procedure described in this blog post (german).

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2 Responses to Zyxel NSA-220 Plus upgrade firmware V3.0

  1. pressworthly says:

    Thanks, very helpful as I had the same issue as well.

    From 3.00, first yo have to upgrade to 3.10. You still cannot upgrade to 3.25 though.
    First, 3.12 needs to be installed using a FAT32 formatted memory stick.

    From this moment on, the 3.25 firmware release can be installed without getting the “invalid firmware file” message.
    No need to install 3.21/3.22/3.23/3.24 first.

    My configuration wasn’t reset during this update.

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