Ubuntu 13.10 on Thinkpad X200


Shortly after Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” was released I did a direct upgrade from 13.04. Here’s a short report on it for the interested.

Upgrade process

Apart from a smaller hiccup at the final restart – i had to force shutdown and startup the laptop – the upgrade went well and without problems.


Already at the login screen I could see the first improvement. Using a multimonitor setup, the login screen (lightdm) of 13.04 was not using the full resolution of my monitor. After the upgrade the login screen greets you like its supposed to.

What doesn’t works

  • Date and time in Unity panel don’t show, but the fix is simple:
    sudo apt-get install indicator-datetime
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure --frontend noninteractive tzdata
    sudo killall unity-panel-service
  • Authentication request for online accounts demands password, entering the correct one doesn’t satisfy it. See bug report here.


In the last few days since release I did not experience any major bugs or regressions. Overall 13.10 runs smoother and more stable on  my Thinkpad X200 than 13.04.

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1 Response to Ubuntu 13.10 on Thinkpad X200

  1. amaurie@live.fr says:

    Hello did your inside bluetooth adaptator work?

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