Usenet on ChromeOS with Nzb Leech android app

I recently got a Chromebook and am loving it so far. I found cloud alternatives for almost every classic desktop application I (regulary) use on Windows or Ubuntu. Then there was SABnzbd, which I couldn’t find an alternative at first. Coming from a Linux background, of course I thought about using a Crouton chroot exclusivley for SABnzbd. However, that’s a lot of effort just for one application. Now, there is a more elgant way.

If you have a Chromebook that supports Android apps (all 2017 Chromebooks will) you are in luck, because there is a “native” solution to the problem. It is called Nzb Leech and it is an andoid app that allows you to download from usenet.

screenshot-2017-01-25-at-10-26-20_editedNzb Leech can be found in the Google Play Store. It’s full name is “Nzb Leech – usenet downloader” (there is an older version 1.0, you will want this the 2.x) and it is by developer Przemek Kowalczyk. The free version works as that it downloads the files. However, unpacking and all the other pro features are limited to a 7 day trail version. With a small donation from within the app you can unlock the pro features, which is what I did.

How to make it work

  1. Install Play Store on your chromebook. Not all Chromebooks can run Android apps. My Acer Chromebook R11 can and so will all Chromebooks that come out in 2017.
  2. Install “Nzb Leech – usenet downloader”
  3. Optionally donate via the donate button in the app (I donated when I ran into initial problems, may not be necessary until after the 7 day trial period)
  4. Check out the tutorial from within the app. The app looks rather unintuitive, but the tutorial includes all the necessary steps you need to take in order to start.


Files download but don’t unpack

Go to settings -> Nzb Leech Settings

Activate “Extract files automatically”

You may have to restart the app or even the download.

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