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Usenet on ChromeOS with Nzb Leech android app

I recently got a Chromebook and am loving it so far. I found cloud alternatives for almost every classic desktop application I (regulary) use on Windows or Ubuntu. Then there was SABnzbd, which I couldn’t find an alternative at first. … Continue reading

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Nokia E6-00 notification light change keymat fix

I recently changed my phone from a Nokia E72 to E6-00. If you did the same, you will have noticed the lack of a notification light. More precisely, the lack of a transparent D-pad makes it impossible for the breathing … Continue reading

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PDF printer in Wine applications

I’m using MS Office under Wine once in a while. As I work a lot with PDF files I constantly miss the option to quickly save/print a PDF version of a Doc(x) file without the need for additional software. You … Continue reading

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Switch device-specific Xmodmaps upon USB event with Cuttlefish

I described in an earlier post¬†how to switch keyboard bindings¬†on an Apple keyboard using Ubuntu using Xmodmap. Now, this works great, however I do use the external keyboard just at home with my laptop docking station. When on the move … Continue reading

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Recover images from SD card using PhotoRec

For whatever reason you might find yourself one day missing all your pictures form your digital cameras SD card. No need to be desperate, there is a great piece of open-source software called PhotoRec that can help. Although it sports … Continue reading

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LaTex via HTML to Word using tex4ht/htlatex

I write my thesis in LaTex using Kile. It is great and in comparison to using either WYSIWYG office suite, I actually have fun writing. Kile is by far the best LaTeX editor for my needs, although Texmaker gets pretty … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Peter Mount's Blog:
As the Raspberry PI uses an SD Card for it’s boot device there are times when you need either more space than is available on that device or a device that’s faster –…

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