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Using Keepass under ChromeOS with Android app KeePassDroid (read/write)

On my Windows machine and Ubuntu laptop I use KeePass and KeePassX for working with my KeePass (.kdbx). I keep the database in the cloud for convenience. When I got my Chromebook I first started using a Chrome browser extension … Continue reading

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Install Bioblender in Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit

Get your bioblender package from the projects website. Here I am using version 0.6. Of course, install blender and read the readme file inside the zip package. If, upon starting you get the following errors: libjpeg.so.62: cannot open shared object … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 13.10 on Thinkpad X200

Shortly after Ubuntu 13.10 “Saucy Salamander” was released I did a direct upgrade fromĀ 13.04. Here’s a short report on it for the interested. Upgrade process Apart from a smaller hiccup at the final restart – i had to force shutdown … Continue reading

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Cuttlefish Unity app indicator icon fix for Ubuntu 12.04

My last post was about Cuttlefish. What I did not mention, is a little annoyance with the indicator icon under Ubuntu 12.04 using Unity. It does not really fit into the monchrome indicator app menu. The application is installed to … Continue reading

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LaTex via HTML to Word using tex4ht/htlatex

I write my thesis in LaTex using Kile. It is great and in comparison to using either WYSIWYG office suite, I actually have fun writing. Kile is by far the best LaTeX editor for my needs, although Texmaker gets pretty … Continue reading

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Ubuntu user switching back to Windows

Why? Finding the answer to this question is one of the reasons for starting this blog. I have to beginn with my first computer to tell this story, be prepared. I started using Microsoft Windows based operating systems 14 years … Continue reading

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